Happy New Year collectors, art lovers, and friends!

2019 was an amazing year!!!  I painted almost every week of the year and often more than once a week. I met so many art lovers and collectors. And also met a community of creative artists in Manhattan. I had 6 group shows!!!  I am blown away that I had even one!

The first show was at the Leslie-lohman museum. It is my first showing ever and it was at a museum. Many of my artist friends said they have been doing this for many many years and have never shown in a museum. This is huge accomplishment. I am so humbled and proud of this show because it marked the 50th anniversary of the first gay art museum in the world. And it coincided with stonewall 50 and world pride. This was an amazing year for the LGBTQ+ community. And I was beyond thrilled to be part of this show. My work was shown alongside many of my heroes in the art world Including Andy Warhol, Keith haring, Tom of Finland and many others too numerous to list. 

Another highlight was my next group show which was the Whitney Houston biennial. It coincides with the Famous Whitney biennial. The Whitney Houston biennial, renamed the Every Woman Biennial was an all female show to give representation to females that were missing from the Whitney biennial. I am so proud to be a male included in this all female show because of my divine feminity as the curator told me. 

I had many other shows throughout the year. And sold some pieces. But my big goal of the year was to show at Art Basel. And guess what?  I did. I showed ten of my watercolors at art Basel’s art gaysel the show featured queer artist from all over the world. 

what does 2020 hold?  Only time will tell. I will say this. I already have a group show planned and my goal is at least one solo show!  

Stay tuned friends!


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